A long time ago I saw a report or something about the benefits of drinking wine. That wine with your dinner every so often would help with your health. I think the same can be said for plain old grape juice. Just recently, I was driving in the car and on a whim decided to stop at the Wine & Spirits Shoppe and picked up a bottle of wine. It is on this page that I will review the wines I have tried.

Sutterhome Zinfindel: Cork. Was tasty enough. Had it with dungeness crabs.

Riunite Lambrusco: Screw Off. Tastier than the Zinfindel. More grapey. Easy to drink. 8% alcohol by volume.

Gallo of Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon: Cork under wax. Tastes sort of like watered down grape juice. More of a burn like alcohol.

Yellow Tail Shiraz: Cork. Kind of a hard taste to describe, but it tasted fuller. 13.5% alcohol by volume.

Arbor Mist Zinfandel: Screw off. Fruity taste, slightly carbonated I think. Too sweet I think …

We constantly come back to the Riunite Lambrusco and have been buying that most often.

Yellow Tail Shiraz: Made another appearance. Most notable this time was the fuzzy feeling. It’s 13.5% alcohol by volume. I could come back to this wine time and time again, but the wife prefers the Riunite Lambrusco.

Beaulieu Vineyard (BV) Coastal Estates Pinot Noir: Suggested as a sweeter taste of a wine for the wife, we tried this Pinot Noir. It smelled good, but as soon as it went in your mouth it tasted like water. Almost like you left an ice cube melt in it. It’s 13.5% alcohol by volume. The wife went immediately to the backup bottle she had bought. That was Riunite Blackberry Merlot.

Riunite Blackberry Merlot: Our friend suggesting wines refers to Riunite as “soda” … This definitely tasted like soda to me. I’ve had a Merlot before, and it was nothing like what came out of this bottle. 8% alcohol by volume. Description on the back of the bottle:

Riunite Blackberry, A fine Merlot Wine product with natural flavors. Contains 0% juice. A new tiwist on an old favorite. Riunite Blackberry Merlot is a full-flavored red wine with essence of freshly picked blackberries. Ri-freshingly Riunite, our Blackberry Merlot is a light fragrant red with a jammy burst of fruit in the mouth. This ready-to-drink luscious red is delightful any time.

The wife liked this wine. She obviously likes sweet wines. This was the first wine to include Nutritional Facts on the bottle. Serving size 8oz. 160 calories. 0 fat, 15mg sodium, 18g carbohydrates (18g sugar) 0g protein …

Yellow Tail Shiraz – Cabernet: 60% Shiraz, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 13.5% alcohol by volume. This wine seems to be the perfect mix for my wife. It still has the taste of the Shiraz with the Cabernet to take enough edge off for her. Finally a wine we can agree on.

Haven’t updated in a while.  We’ve gone through some Black Swan wines (Shiraz and Merlot) and some others.

Cribari  Chianti: 12.5% by volume.  This is a good cheap wine.  I was given this complimentary at an Italian restaurant and I remembered what the bottle looked like.  I picked it up at the state store.  It can be drank at room temperature or chilled.  It’s inexpensive and we normally buy the big jug of it.

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