Offline Rails API layout using RDoc’s RDOCOPT

UPDATE March 29, 2009: This was all solved using:

template="jamis" rake doc:rails

Found on the blog by JamisBuck is the RDoc layout used online at Simply acquire the file jamis.rb (posted here if you can’t find it elsewhere) and you’re covered with your Ruby Rdoc utilizing the instructions to append --template=jamis

But what about Rails? rake doc:rails doesn’t like the --template=jamis argument.

RDOCOPT="-S -f html -T jamis" — Then run  rake doc:rails and your offline local API copy will look just like the online version.

Sure there may be other ways of accomplishing this, but this got the job done and will get the job done next time I want to build the latest Rails API. If you’re interested in a more permanent solution, look at setting up variables in your .gemrc file.