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The rules to this site are simple. This is my site, and whatever I determine to do with it is up to me. I post what I think, and these thoughts are mine. Whether they’re directed at an entity or an individual, it is simply my opinion. If you like what I have to say here, you can do with this information what you wish pursuant to the Creative Commons License posted on every page of this site.

In reference to comments, trackbacks, pingbacks or whatever other facility is available to the general public to utilize or abuse on this site, I reserve the right to edit as well as completely delete them from my site. It’s my site, and I don’t think there’s any other way to go about it but assuming that I have complete control over my own personal web site.

Agree? Disagree? Whatever … It’s my way or the highway … and I can alter these rules at any time I see fit …

2 thoughts on “Site Rules/Disclaimer”

  1. Dave, how ’bout emailing a brotha back? By looking at your picture I guess you ran out of “just for men” You look like Richard Gere with the grey.

    Tell Kelly I said “hi”

    If I email you a monthly schedule could you put in OOT?

    How’s the Octane gig? Did you do the club risque show?

  2. hello, my name is Alexander Grant Pierron. I was recently surfing the web for different sites with my last name in it. Well i found your site and have wondered if there could be any relation. i live in Ontario, California. My father is Jeffery Allan Pierron, his father is Joseph Pierron. They are from Chino, California. If any of these names mean anything to your family records please let me know. If not, then its nice to meet someone else with the same last name for once!

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