Missing Entries

Hmm .. I was just changing some of the categories on old posts (notably Health) and I noticed that the first MRI post I made wasn’t there … So I went back to the MovableType bLog and found that entry and cut and pasted it over here being able to put in the original post date and time … I wonder what other entries may be missing? Now I have to check this out … hassle …


I added other categories. Maybe this will help split these long posts I make into separate entries with a relevant category? Then I thought that maybe this would make it too easy for someone to pick my brain via simple links, so I decided against it. But then, I thought, it still would be neat. So, I guess since most of the information I get is from the web, and I like to be able to pin-point that information quickly, I would try to implement the categories. To choose which categories is tough though, and I don’t like thinking too much.