I’m back!

After years of being “down” the blog site is now back up!

About 3 years ago I switched all my hosting to Bluehost.Com and shortly thereafter a couple of my WordPress sites stopped working. Namely mine and my father’s. Shortly before my father’s death he had asked if I would get his website up and working again. I spent a good amount of time trying to make this happen. Through a Bluehost LIVEchat, I told an employee that their PHP was broken on my hosting account. He assured me this was not the case but I could neither get my site or my father’s working, even with a fresh manual install of WordPress or even through their script install of WordPress. He basically hung up on me telling me to stop stating that their PHP was broken.

Needless to say, I gave up during that time of trying to get the sites working although there were countless other WordPress sites working within my account.

Then when Bluehost sent me the email stating that my account was about to expire (I paid for 3 years in advance), they wanted to charge me over twice the amount that they originally charged me, so it was GOODBYE BLUEHOST. I went with Hostgator. Now all 56 sites are working including my father’s, but unfortunately it wasn’t until after he had passed.