Problems Update

Regarding Verizon.Net :: A change on the PF firewall’s rule set.  Forever the bridge was never in the ruleset and everything seemed to work just fine.  Finally, because of the proper testing environment, found out it was my own problem all along.  Added rules to address the bridge interface directly.  Those rules never seemed to have been needed before … or were they?

Regarding the Wireless Router :: I gave up on it as the MBP17 acted flaky since I unplugged the hard wire …  The MBP15 seemed okay with it and remained logged in to IRC room on #pf (which is where I was seeking firewall help) and I guessed at the bridge rule … It happened to work … Anyway, I plugged the cables back in and I think I’m going to try the router that I originally bought that fixed all the problems before …  Last resort is to buy Apple’s wireless router.

Now digging through all old email, etc and finding email addresses that I need to send an update to … It seems I haven’t sent a newsletter since 2007 .. Hmpf!  Well, no new is good news, right?

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  1. OK this is weird. I have a DLINK 1005d connected to my Satellite modem and then to Airport.
    I have an ethernet connect from DLINk to IMAC.
    I can connect using Airport but not using ethernet. I get the self-assigned IP error!.
    I want the ethernet connect so that I can access my IMAC remotely and when it sleeps it drops the airport wireless connection.
    I want the wireless for my mac book and Tivo.

    I have tried EVERYTHING on all the forums but so far no luck. I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.6

  2. David,

    Thanks for your continuing efforts to solve the self-assigned IP issue and share solutions.

    Here is a new wrinkle for you to consider. I have a MacBook from 2007 that’s running 10.4.11. and can dual-boot into Windows XP via Boot Camp. I routinely decline most software updates because I have some pretty old Windows applications that work with my current setup and I’m concerned updating anything might mess ’em up. So pretty much all my software is circa 2007, and my Linksys router was even older than that. Yet it all played nicely together. I never, ever had any problem with the self-assigned IP issue.

    But the Linksys finally died and we replaced it with a Netgear, and now I get intermittently dropped and sometimes frozen out with a self-assigned IP almost every day.

    When I configured the Netgear, I followed its setup wizard’s recommendation that I set it up with WPA2 security, and I am beginning to suspect it was the move to WPA2 that caused this trouble. When I get a chance I’m going to switch to WPA and see if that solves it.

    But not tonight. It’s after midnight here and I don’t attempt tasks like that after midnight.

    Anyway, just wanted to give you an example of where older hardware worked but newer hardware has problems.

    Thanks again for tackling this issue.

  3. @Anne Nolan: In a later post you will see that the same router I found a solution with also failed me. A different Revision of the firmware made the difference … I wonder why us Mac people don’t just buy the Airport?

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