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verizonI see I have a lot of Verizon visitors and I figured I would express my displeasure with Verizon just for you. You should be flattered.

#1 reason why Verizon sucks?  I can’t send “” people email from my mail server.  I spent an entire day trying to communicate this to Verizon support and I got absolutely nowhere.  The people with the accents kept asking for my Verizon email address or my DSL phone number no matter how many times I told them I wasn’t a Verizon customer.  I asked for the phone number for their NOC who handled their mail server.  Confusion.

Their web interface doesn’t work either.  I am not using my mail server to browse web sites and use their white-listing page.  My mail server is in a dark server room dutifully sending and receiving email 24 hours a day.  Fighting SPAM and Viruses and doing a damn good job of it, but Verizon won’t accept my email.  I receive the email from the nice web interface telling me that everything is okay, and when I reply to that email, my email is returned 7 days later never being able to make an SMTP connection with Verizon.Net’s servers.

I resorted to opening a ticket with my upstream provider, and they had no luck in helping me.  They suggested I reach out to Verizon customers and have them complain that they can’t receive email from me.  Can’t say as I know any Verizon.Net customers, nor could I email them asking them such a favor.  They were able to telnet to Verizon’s listed MX and issue simple telnet commands, so they assume that any of their IPs would be able to do the same.  Well I try from my mail server and other machines, and all I do is time out.  I just sent anther letter to my provider, but it’s Verizon that needs to provide me support.

Anyone from Verizon, please respond to this post and help me deliver mail to your customers from my customers.  Thanks.

#2 reason why Verizon sucks?  They advertise FIOS constantly on my TV, but it isn’t available in my area.  Comcast dominates the Philadelphia area and Verizon finally won against the powers that be to start installing FIOS in the Philadelphia area.  Where do they start?  In the suburbs.  If I could get FIOS to my location, my connection speed will increase 100 times and I will pay absolutely no more money per month for my connection.  That’s substantial for me.

I just got Comcast Internet installed at a new location and it blows away my high priced connection.  It is an eye opener, but Verizon has been teasing me for so long.  I need new copper run for my local loop, but an insider told me that they won’t run new copper, they want to install FIOS – well it’s not available in my area, and I have to deal with outages and bounces … That makes Verizon suck!

Bottom line, hey – Verizon, install me some FIOS and let me deliver email to your mail server, and we’re golden!  Thanks again …

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  1. @Ted Randall: While I think it would be neat to be a guest on your radio show, I can’t see as I have a couple hours of something to say when it’s put concisely above in few sentences … I’m dissatisfied with Verizon for these specific reasons, I am not opposed to them fixing these problems, although so far, they’ve not been fixed.

  2. I’ve just experienced why Verizon Sucks first hand. I attempted to upgrade my FIOS internet service to internet, TV, and Phone and it was a complete disaster. So I cancelled the service and shipped Verizon’s receivers back to them. Then I get my bill and am surprised to see that they had upped my FIOS internet cost from $39.99 to $49.99 per month (I had been paying $39.99 for more than a year prior to the “upgrade” attempt). Upon calling Verizon billing and being transferred a handfull of times, I was told that the FIOS speed that I had before was no longer available and that I would have ot pay more for a faster service. I then asked Verizon to cancel my FIOS service starting next week so that I could transfer to Cablevision. Of course, they shut me off right then and there – leaving me in the dark for both internet and my IP phone. When I called back to explain that a mistake was made, they could no longer find my account and after putting me on hold for several minutes, decided to cut me off. I was never called back. I’ve decided that being verizon-free is a blessing in disguise. I love Direct TV, Comcast Internet, and my 3 Skype IP phones that work just great despite not being on Verizon’s network!

    I’m sure that my problems with Verizon will continue. For example, as an internet only customer, the company is only willing to bill me via auto-payment from my credit card. After my fiasco, I attempted to remove my credit card from my account and Verizon was unwilling to do so without cancelling my internet. They explained to me that they do not offer their internet-only service to customers who do not have a credit card.

    In this day and age, it is pathetic that a company exists where you need to be transferred more than 3 times and sit on hold for hours in order to resolve the simplest of issues. I found it somewhat humorous that when I finally reached someone in billing to resolve one of my billing issues, I learned that my particular billing issue was handled by a different part of the billing department which wouldn’t be open until the next business day!

    I’m in the market for a big fat “VERIZON FREE, THANK GOD!” sign to stick in my front yard. Perhaps someone can tell me where I might be able to find one???

    -Mike Paust
    Bernardsville, NJ (Walking distance from Verizon’s Corporate Headquarters)

  3. If you want to attempt real resolution, get in touch with me. I have the contact information for Verizon Wireless “Executive Relations” team.

    I am among the thousands of unhappy Verizon Wireless customers. Recieved a Blackberry Storm by mail. Activated by an in store representative, only to later find out that I was being billed for a Data Plan subscription that I was not informed of beforehand, and that I did not accept. Attempted to return the phone numerous times, and have dealt with Customer Care a half a dozen times. Its been 8 months.

    Finally I discovered how to reach the Executive Relations team at Verizon Wireless. They are the only ones who can help resolve your problem, short of having an attorney contact them. BTW, I subscribe to Pre-Paid Legal for $35 a month, and their attorneys at no additional charge, will contact Verizon Wireless. Find me on .

    Share your experiences online at and then email me at . I will forward you important contact information to reach the real decision makers at Verizon Wireless, the Executive Relations team.

  4. Why is Verzon chasing AT&T IPhone they suck!!!! AT&T has been around for over 100 years how long has Verizon been around maybe 10 years. Verizon Attacks AT&T because AT&T has the better product. The droid are you kidding me? Let’s face AT&T has a better product then the V!! I will never go with a company like Verizon bullshit that lies to their customers!! You attack the iPhone because your bullshit company under threat!! Maybe you should have made a smart business decision to have the I Phone!! Or maybe your network can’t handle the best smartphones!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I had Comcast for years with very little probles. Under huge package deal pressure I switched to Verizon. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. WORKING ON GOING BACK TO COMCAST! BEWARE!

  6. I’ve heard mixed reviews on both accounts when it comes to the TV/Phone/Internet deals … Since having the T1 through Cogent and the local loop through Verizon, that’s all I knew until I got Comcast residential at another location and was blown away … I since got Comcast Business and will move my T1 services there as well …

  7. DO NOT purchase the Verizon USB Wireless Airport Card. It is a complete rip. Fees start out at $39.99+ tax per month. The wireless service is good for about 2-4 hours of airtime per month…which they do not tell you when buying it. They don’t tell you that the card falls under a two-year contract. They also don’t tell you about the horrid overage charges that incur once you’ve used up the titsy-bitsy amount of airtime service. HUGE, HUGE RIPOFF. SHAME ON YOU VERIZON!

  8. I am a loyal verizon customer never a late payment would like to upgrade new phone. Verizon will not honer my unlimited package they want to down grade service and raise my price. I know I am a small fish in Verizons pond but I want to be treated like family I’m pissed and don’t know what to do HELP

  9. My 82 year old mother cannot get coverage at her home in FL where she lives half the year. Verizon doesn’t care. They won’t let her out of her contract. She lives alone and pays for a phone but has none. Amazing. Nonsense.

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